• Travelling with motorhome

    Renting a motorhome from us gives you maximum freedom of travelling since our holiday is not tied to different bookings (hotel, airplanes, trains, etc.) Our motorhomes are not dependent on electricity coming from cabels, becuse the motorhomes are equipped with solar panel systems, so you get electricity wherever you go.

    You also do not have to think about the location of your accommodation and the distance from the sights, ski slopes, sandy beaches, hiking trails, fishing spots or other activities, because you can stay in their immediate vicinity.

    Going abroad

    If you are traveling abroad with our motorhomes, please let us know about your destination countries at the time of booking. With our motorhomes you can travel without restrictions to the Nordic countries. When traveling outside the Nordic countries, you need a Green Card, which you can easily get through us. There are country-specific exceptions for motorhome insurance conditions outside the Nordic countries, which we always go through with the customer at the time of booking. Please note that with our motorhome you cannot travel example to Russia, Belarus or Moldova.

    Our motorhomes

    Our new motorhomes are comprehensively equipped. They are like hotel suites equipped with luxury beds (with linen if needed) for up to 6 people. All our RV’s also have shower and toilet facilities, high-quality kitchens, refrigerators, freezers and integrated microwaves. There is plenty of storage space in our motorhomes. In addition, all our cars are equipped with 2 to 4 bike bicycle racks, so you can either rent from us or take your own bikes for your holidays.

    By renting a motorhome from us, we are reachable 24/7 during your stay. In addition, we offer you a shuttle from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport directly to the motorhome you rented for an additional fee or we will store your car in our fleet area for the duration of your rental.