• Rental terms



    1.1 Whatever the type of reservation, a lease contract is always done in between the car rental company (“rental company”) and the person who signs the lease or its legal entity (collectively, the “renter”) represented by the signatory at the rental event.


    2.1 During summer weeks (weeks 24-32) we offer unlimited mileage and otherwise 300 km / day . The extra kilometers cost € 0.30 / km. Kilometers are measured with the vehicle odometer. Prices include 24% VAT.

    2.2 We will charge a reservation and guarantee fee of EUR 300.00, which will be deducted from the final invoice. The booking takes effect when the renter pays the booking fee to the bank account of the rental company. The rental will also come into effect when the rent is paid in full by the renter.

    2.3 If the renter terminates the contract, the rental fee will not be refunded.

    2.4 Rental includes off-vehicle washing, usage instructions, toilet chemicals, normal wear and tear repairs, rentals insurance, electric cable, LPG bottle 11 kg, wedges (2 pcs), cutlery and cooking utensils.

    2.5 The rent does not include fuel, final cleaning, emptying of a gray water tank, emptying of a toilet cassette.

    2.6 The renter pays for the fuel he / she needs. The rental company has indicated what kind of fuel to use. The renter shall be fully liable for any damage resulting from the use of incorrect fuel. The renter is also responsible for carrying out normal inspections of the vehicle during the rental period, such as engine oil level, coolant and battery fluids, tire pressures, etc.

    2.7 The car is returned cleaned from the inside, the gray water tank and toilet cassette should be empty.

    2.8 Upon return, the possible damages will be checked together with the renter. Damages are due immediately and the rental company can charge the cost of the damage or the deductible without any delay.

    2.9 The renter must pay the rent of the vehicle 30 days before the start of the rental. Rent is due immediately, if there is less time to start the rental. Any cancellations made after this time will not be refunded and the amount paid will be converted into a gift card.


    3.1 The rental period starts from the moment the car is handed over, in which case the rental company is obliged to hand over the car to the tenant according to the agreement.

    3.2. The renter shall inspect the exterior and interior of the vehicle, when the rental company has handed over the vehicle. The condition of the equipment / supplies should be inspected and the renter shall  give comments to the rental company.

    3.3. Possible defects shall be noted and documented in the lease contract.

    3.4 The renter shall not claim defects after the hand over if the due diligence obligation has been neglected or if defects / deficiencies have been visible during the normal inspection.

    3.5 Changeover day is on Monday – Friday unless otherwise agreed. Pick up and use instructions is at 3 pm and return by 11 am unless otherwise agreed. We will charge you EUR 50.00 per hour for your return delay unless otherwise agreed. Payable needs to be payed immediately.


    4.1 The Renter is responsible for the vehicle until it is returned to the rental company.

    4.2 At the end of the agreed rental period, the car must be returned in a thoroughly cleaned condition, in the same condition as when the car was handed over.

    4.3 The vehicle will be inspected by the rental company together with the renter during the return. The renter must notify the rental company of any defects in the vehicle. Faults and defects found during the inspection are subject to the renter’s liability for damages, excluding defects due to normal wear and tear. The compensation must be paid immediately. The rental company has the right to recover any deficiencies and damages that are not reported by the renter.

    4.4 The rental company is not obliged to refund part of the rent time if the renter returns the vehicle before the agreed end of the rental period.

    4.5 The rental company has the right to charge the cost of cleaning the car, EUR 50.00 for cleaning carpets / textiles, EUR 50.00 for dirty dishes, EUR 200.00 final cleaning, EUR 150.00 for cleaning the toilet, fuel price / liter for missing fuel and EUR 20.00 for refueling, EUR 30.00 for filling the gas bottle if the previously mentioned renter obligations have not been performed.


    5.1 The renter is responsible for the vehicle until it is returned back to the rental company.

    5.2 The renter is obliged to take care of the vehicle as if a diligent person would be in a similar situation to his / her own, both in driving and exercising special care and caution. The renter commits to use and maintain the vehicle and its equipment in the normal manner for its intended purpose.

    5.3 It is forbidden to transport animals in the vehicle unless the rental company has given written permission. It is forbidden to use outdoor footwear and to smoke inside. Anything else that causes damage to the vehicle is prohibited.

    5.4 The Renter is committed to drive the vehicle himself. The rental agreement specifically states the license to those who are entitled to drive the vehicle and the driver is not entitled to transfer the car to a third party person without the written permission of the rental company. Renters and drivers must have a valid European driving license and needs to be at least 21 years old. The renter is obliged to provide information on the contents of this Agreement to the people to whom he / she assigns the vehicle in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement.

    5.5 It is forbidden to use the vehicle or equipment for illegal or other improper purposes.

    5.6 The vehicle and its equipment must be kept locked. The vehicle and its equipment are the responsibility of the renter during the rental period.

    5.7 The renter and the driver shall be responsible for any excess speed and parking penalties, congestion charges and other charges incurred during the rental, such as tolls.

    5.8 The vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracking device to protect property, prevent and detect theft and fraud. The locator only transmits the vehicle location to the rental company. The renter is aware of and agrees to locate the vehicle in accordance with these terms.


    6.1 Except as otherwise agreed, the renter shall have deductible excess of EUR 1,000.00 in the Nordic and Western European countries. Renter’s deductible is 25% of the amount of the loss, always at least EUR 2,000.00 outside the Nordic and Western European countries.

    6.2 The car has valid motor third party liability insurance and comprehensive motor third party liability insurance. Compensation for statutory motor third party liability insurance is determined by the Motor Third Party Liability Insurance Act. Motor liability insurance compensate the innocent party in a traffic accident personal injury and property damage as well as damage the culprit vehicle occupant injuries. In addition, the car has crash protection, animal crash protection, fire protection, theft protection, vandalism protection, car service insurance, foreign liability insurance and glass security.

    6.3 When moving within the Nordic and European territories, the renter may reduce his liability by a separate deductible. In the case of Poland and the Baltic States, the deductible cannot be reduced.

    6.4 In the event of damage, the renter shall immediately be liable to the rental company.

    6.5 The renter shall be liable for all damages, irrespective of the amount of the deductible, if the car is caused by the renter’s actions, negligence, violation of the law (speeding, intoxication, overloading, overloading of a trailer, etc.) or malfunctioning of the vehicle or its equipment. In addition, the deductible does not cover damage to 230 V equipment when used in over voltage or under voltage, breakage of the awning due to wind, storm, rain, freezing or other negligent use, damage caused by the use of non-rented accessories, smoking or damage, upholstery damage caused by incisions, snow damage (snow falling areas), damage caused by improper refueling (water or fuel), driving in overcrowded spaces, driving or using in violation of fire safety regulations, driving off-road or on ice, or in areas not for hire acted negligently.

    6.6 The renter shall also be liable to the rental company for any damage caused by a third party (eg. drivers, family members, guests) and not covered by insurance.

    6.7 Any additional insurance is the responsibility of the renter.

    6.8 In the event of serious damage or loss of the vehicle or its equipment, the renter shall immediately inform the rental company and write a notice letter of damage (found in the vehicle).

    6.9 The rental company is not liable for any vehicle maintenance and repair days and will not be refunded to the renter.

    6.10 Driving the vehicle outside of Finland always requires the written permission from the rental company. The vehicle must not be taken to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine or Moldova.

    6.11 The renter shall, up to the maximum deductible stated in the Agreement, be obliged to:

    • To compensate for damage to the vehicle and its equipment during the rental period.
    • To replace parts and accessories lost during the rental period.
    • To reimburse the costs of cleaning and cleaning due to unauthorized use of the vehicle and its equipment and unusual contamination.
    • To pay the contractual daily fee for the downtime caused by the damage, but not more than 30 days. The downtime starts from the day of the injury.
    • The renter is liable for any damage to the windscreen and tires, such as stone
      impact and tire damage. There is no obligation to reimburse if the rental company receives full compensation from someone else. In addition, there is no obligation to indemnify if the damage is due to a technical fault or normal wear or any other comparable cause.


    7.1 The renter shall indemnify the rental company in full, without limitation, for any loss or damage arising out of or in any of the following ways: overloading, smoking in a car, damage to car upholstery, over-or under-inflated tires, loss of keys, use of false fuel, driving in confined spaces, driving on poorly congested roads or areas, or other careless or incorrect use of a car. The renter is obliged to reimburse the retal company for the costs of cleaning and cleaning due to unusual contamination of the car.

    7.2 The renter’s full liability shall always apply to any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the renter’s criminal conduct, use of a car under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic drugs or any other willful or gross negligence.

    7.3 The renter shall also be released from its liability to the rental company in respect of the deductible, if the rental company receives full compensation for the loss from any third party or its insurance company.


    8.1 The renter shall immediately notify the rental company of any defect or damage to the car during the rental period. Crime, traffic accident and personal and animal injury  must always be reported immediately to the police. In the event of claim, the renter must always complete a written claim notice to the rental company. The renter shall be fully liable for any damage resulting from failure to comply with the above notices.

    8.2 The renter is responsible for the technical failure of the car during the rental period, which is not due to the renter’s use and / or negligence. Given that the fault or defect is the responsibility of the rental company and if it is necessary for the continuation of the journey, the renter may, on his own initiative, repair the car at the renter’s expense up to a value of EUR 75. A proof of repair and payment must be submitted to the Rental Company.

    8.3 Necessary repair costs may be agreed separately between the renter and the rental company so that the renter pays the repair costs incurred during the trip, which the renter will pay to the rental company upon receipt of the voucher within two weeks of the return of the vehicle. Unless otherwise agreed, all defective spare parts, including vehicle tires, must be returned to the rental company.

    8.4 The rental company shall not be liable for any indirect damages to the renter in the event of damage or breakdown. Indirect damages include unused accommodation fees, concert and boat tickets, etc.

    8.5 In the event of a technical failure or other fault in the car during the rental period for which the renter is not responsible under the Rental Conditions, the renter may require the rental company to fix the error or to reduce the price accordingly.

    8.6 If the rental company is unable to hand over the rental car to the renter in accordance with the terms of the lease, the renter shall be entitled to compensation for the immediate reasonable costs incurred to the renter as a result of the delay.


    9.1 The renter shall have the right to terminate the Agreement immediately if it emerges that the renter is breaching the Rental Terms. The renter is then obliged to immediately return the car with all its equipment to the agreed return location.

    9.2 Either party may terminate the contract if the car is stolen or becomes defective during the responsibility of the rental comapany and the replacement car is not delivered to the renter within a reasonable time after notice.

    9.3 Disputes concerning the lease agreement shall be resolved primarily by negotiation. If the dispute is referred to a court, the matter will be resolved by the District Court of the country where the renalt company is located or, in the event of a consumer dispute, by any other court of law. The consumer may also refer the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board.

    9.4 The following order of documents shall prevail in the interpretation and application of the contract between the renter and the rental company: 1) the leasing contract 2) the terms of the lease 3) other instructions given by the rental company 4) the general law. In addition, the limitations of the insurance terms and conditions shall be governed by the general terms and conditions of LähiTapiola Oy.