• About us

    Our story

    The idea of establishing a motorhome rental company was born in Harry’s mind when he was travelling Lapland, the mountain of Saana in the autumn 2018. Harri and Antti, who had previous experience from motorhome rental business, joined their forces and established Saana Group Oy. The company’s business name is Motorhome Rental Finland.

    We provide reliable and high quality rental service with modern motorhomes. To provide the maximum freedom of travelling, all our motorhomes are equipped with powerful solar panel systems. You can enjoy eco-friendly electricity production wherever you are. Our motorhomes are ideal for a year-around holidays.

    Whether you have been planning a dream trip to Finland, Scandinavia or the scenery of Lapland (northern Finland), we are happy to make your holiday a success. Our services include airport transfers and we are located in the fleet area near Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, in Härsikivi, Tuusula, which is about 15 minutes’ drive from the airport.

    Harri Saraniemi

    Osakas, Hallituksen pj. +358 40 023 6698

    Drilon Maxhuni

    Osakas, Toimitusjohtaja +358 45 139 0728

    Photos of our motorhomes

    Our new motorhomes are well equipped. They are like hotel suites equipped with luxury beds (with linen if needed) for up to 6 people.